About the IEEE Computer Society

Engaging computer engineers, scientists, academia, and industry professionals from all areas of computing, the IEEE Computer Society (CS) sets the standard for the education and engagement that fuels continued global technological advancement. Through conferences, publications, and programs, and by bringing together computer science and engineering leaders at every phase of their career for dialogue, debate, and collaboration, IEEE CS empowers, shapes, and guides the future of not only its members, but the greater industry, enabling new opportunities to better serve our world.

  • We Are the Largest Global Community of Computer Scientists and Engineers
  • We Are the Preeminent Society for Knowledge-Sharing and Education in Computer Science and Engineering
  • We Are Leading the Developments and Advancements in the Fields of Computer Science and Engineering
  • We Set the Standard for the Future
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The IEEE-CS SBC Chapter(GHRCE) is a Student Branch Chapter comprising enthusiastic members of the IEEE community who are dedicated to promoting Computer Science technologies and emerging technology trends that have a positive social impact on humanity. Through the organization of diverse workshops and events, our aim is not only to contribute to the betterment of society, but also to facilitate individual development by providing opportunities to learn new technical skills and cultivate leadership qualities. As volunteers, our mission is to foster technological advancement by bringing people together, while our vision is to create abundant opportunities for knowledge sharing, technical skill development, collaboration, and networking to contribute towards a better future.

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From Chapter Advisor's Desk

With a forward-thinking mindset, the IEEE CS SBC GHRCE consistently strives to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. By organizing engaging events, workshops, and conferences, it aims to foster an environment of continuous learning and skill development among its members